Embodied Wellness Coaching

Perhaps you're at a point in your healing journey where there's no denying something's gotta give. You've done inner-work or spent time in psychotherapy and you've shined a light on something that needs to shift to support your health. You just need a boost of support, tools, and accountability to make it happen. Embodied Heart Wellness Coaching is designed for just that. Behavior specific, action oriented, and accountability driven, wellness coaching is intended to keep you focused, engaged, and embodied in a behavior change process.

Wellness coaching supports healthier habits
and life-giving behaviors.
Examples of the types of change clients desire include:

Better sleep habits
Decreased Stress: Lower Blood pressure
Freedom from cigarette addiction
More consistent exercise; Increased energy
A more mindful relationship with eating

I limit the number of coaching clients I take each month so that I can best support those I work with. Each coaching package is individualized to fit your needs, and you'll walk away with tools designed specifically for you that you can use well beyond our time together.

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