I believe in the healing power of unconditional presence and consider each meeting with you an opportunity for deep listening, empathic connection, and collaborative growth.  I blend knowledge and training in mindfulness and transpersonal/somatic psychology, with intuitive guidance and spiritual support.  I'll challenge you to connect with your innate wisdom, listen to your body, and fearlessly meet whatever is holding you back, so you can find the clarity to evolve beyond it.

Essential to both my personal journey & professional practice is an infinite curiosity about what it means to be human, what hinders us from fully thriving in our time here on this planet, and how we come to live embodied, present lives.  Every aspect of my life informs how I practice, as much as my choices in education and training inform how I live.  I like the idea that we are perfect in our imperfections. I simultaneously crave and reject the moments that call for vulnerability in relationship, and am continually challenged to be a better partner & friend.  As a new mom to a little boy who appreciates the thrill of standing on unsteady surfaces, I experience daily invitations to mind my fears and expand my heart well beyond where I think its capable.  I have frequent dreams about rock climbing, an affinity for vintage jazz, and I love a good hike.  The mountains have been calling since I was a young girl growing up in a small Ohio town, and I'm thrilled to call Colorado home.  

I've successfully worked with a variety of clients, including:

- individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma & addictions

- musicians and artists struggling with performance & creative blocks

- freelancers moving through career transitions

- individuals & families coping with the intensity surrounding terminal illness &
end of life

- young adults longing for purpose & connection

My desire is to meet you where you are with whatever you're experiencing.
I bring specialized interests
and training in the following:

- trauma
- spiritual exploration
- grief
- lack of direction/purpose
- career challenges & creative blocks
- communication
- mindfulness