What is Integrative Psychotherapy?

Integrative psychotherapy is more to me than just a combination of modalities, or a process by which we integrate various aspects of our ego or personality.  Inherently holistic, this approach holds mind, body, and spirit in equal importance for health, and moves you toward wholeness through felt-sense awareness and action. This inner-work goes beyond talking about problems and solutions, and encourages healing through vulnerability, awareness, and mindful exploration

Wait...did you say vulnerability? 

Yes! Vulnerability is certainly not the first thing we think will help when we feel depressed, angry, or otherwise in a murky mess of stuck-ness. Why would we want to open ourselves to any possibility of more dis-ease and discomfort? It often seems easier in these moments to just ask someone to tell us how we can "fix" our perceived problems;  which new pill to take, which fad diet to try, or what spiritual guru we should follow. I can personally attest, however, to the lasting transformation that takes place when we are gently challenged to connect with the places that scare us and actively engage in and embody our healing process.  Let's be honest, life isn't always pleasant and awesome.  Being vulnerable doesn't mean you have to live in the scary places all the time either. Learning how to be with our fear is what helps us transform it so we're able to feel our joy and embody our heart more deeply. 


Explore your healing through a
variety of lenses, including: 

Mindfulness Meditation
Spiritual Exploration
Energy Psychology
Guided Imagery
Somatic & Transpersonal Psychology
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
Evidenced Based trauma treatments
Yoga (See Yoga Therapy below)

A dear friend & mentor would ask at the end of each session, "What was the grace today?"
Here are some things clients have
taken from our time together: :

Greater present moment awareness
Decreased anxiety and depression
Gentle Movement through Grief
Freedom from past trauma
Freedom from addiction
Clarity of purpose
Increased capacity for empathy
Deeper connection in relationship
More compassionate communication

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Yoga Therapy
Psychotherapy On & Off the Mat


These sessions combine Yoga asana, chakra work/energy psychology, and Psychotherapy to maximize the benefits of healing and progress.  I truly believe the body is a wise and unwavering source of information and am thrilled to be able to include yoga to support you to slow down and connect with the physical, emotional, and spiritual messages calling to be heard. 


Ok, so how much is all this going to cost? 


Individual session in-person (50 minutes): $135
Individual session online (50 minutes): $135 (learn more about online sessions)
Conscious Relationship session (couples work, 75 minutes): $175

Yoga Therapy Session (90 minutes): $190

ready to take the plunge?