“Profoundly deep experience”

“Working with Jen was a profoundly deep experience. Taking care not to feed-in to the automatic patterns of modern life, she challenged me to look deeper into myself and my experience to discover the dynamics at play in challenging situations. I highly recommend working with her.”  

— D.G., New York, NY

“Safe Space”

"Jen is a very compassionate and easy person to work with. She is great at creating a safe space in which to explore difficult emotions and process them. I really value the time I spent working with her."”

— B.B, Brooklyn, NY

“Wisdom and Compassion”

"I worked with Jen for about a year. Her warm, kind, empathetic, gentle approach, combined with her skill at using mindfulness techniques, really helped me explore and move forward on some personal issues in ways I had never experienced before, or anticipated when we started. She brought a wisdom and compassion to the process that touched me deeply and taught me a lot, not just about myself, but about life and living.”

— M.K.., Boulder, CO

“Life Changing”

"My experience with Jen has been life changing. Every session we had together brought me closer to finding balance, peace, acceptance and kindness in my life, not only through her guidance while together but also giving me invaluable tools that I was able to put in practice and still am. I'll be forever grateful to have crossed her path.”

— S.I., Brooklyn, NY

“Saved my life”

"My life has improved a lot since coming to see you... you definitely saved my life from spiraling out of control. Thank You!" 

— S.H., Brooklyn, NY

Jen is AMAZING! In addition to her psychotherapy skills, she has an impressive depth of knowledge around all things holistic health and spirituality. She is an extremely gifted teacher of meditation and mindfulness and is able to help you apply these principles and tools to any challenge that may arise in your life. Just being in her presence is healing. I can't recommend working with Jen highly enough!

- T.M., Brooklyn NY