I've included some frequently asked questions here for your convenience. 
Please contact me if there's anything else you're curious about, I'll continue to update this page. 

So.. how much does this all cost again? 

- Individual Psychotherapy (in-person) is $135 for a 50 minute session
- Individual Psychotherapy (online) is $135 for a 50 minute session
- Conscious Relationship work for couples is $175 for a 75 minute session
- Yoga Therapy Session (90 minutes) $190
- Private Yoga Session (60 minutes) $80
- 10 Private Yoga Session Package: $750 (save $50!)
- 5 Week Individualized Introduction to Mindfulness (5, 60 minute sessions & book) is $365 (save $25)
- Individual Mindfulness session (60 minutes) $75
- 5 Mindfulness session package: $350 (Save $25)
- 10 Mindfulness session package: $700 (Save $50)
- Small group sessions,  groups of 4 = $25 per person
- Small group sessions, groups of 5-8 = $20 per person
- Visit the Embodied Wellness Coaching package page for package prices. If you're interested in developing a more personalized coaching program to meet your needs, please contact me

Do you take insurance? 

I do not currently accept insurance. I'm happy to provide an invoice if you'd like to send this to insurance for possible out of network reimbursement. If the circumstances are appropriate, there might be the option to arrange a single case agreement with your insurance company which would allow for in-network reimbursement for the particular situation. Please contact me if you'd like to talk more about the possibility of a single case agreement. 

Do you offer reduced rates? 

I have a sliding fee scale for psychotherapy and mindfulness sessions and a limited number of slots available for clients interested in these reduced rates. If a reduced rate would be helpful for you, please ask me about this during your initial consult, or contact me via phone or email to discuss more. 

How frequently do you recommend we meet? 

If you're a new client, I typically encourage once a week sessions for the first month or two so we can establish a comfortable connection and collaborative container for your inner-work. Subsequent sessions would depend on where you are with your process, your financial means, and your availability.